shay - for being very helpful by picking up one of the younger children from class - well done shay!!

Hayley - always has a positive attitude while participating in games and uses her manners - well done Hayley!!


Brodie has awesome manners by always saying thankyou for being picked up in the transport

haylee marie - she goes out of her way to help other children and is always bubbly and cheerful


Jayde is always helpful well mannered. includes others in play, enjoys playing outside with her group of friends.

kyla is always kind and helpful especially to the little kids when they need help on the computers


Ethan - showing how helpful and caring he is by making sure his little brother gets to pickup on time and helps carry his scooter in and out of the van. well done Ethan!! 

Serenity - Always willing to help out. She smiles at everything and is a pleasure to have at the centre. Well done Serenity!!

JUNE 2016

Ryder - wonderful to supervisors, funny sense of humor and helpful to others. he is also sporty and loves the outdoors
well done Ryder!!!

Kaea - always being polite, friendly and helpful to others around him and really helpful to the supervisors. He comes in with a big smile and never complains when its homework time
well done Kaea!!

MAY 2016

Roisin from KD Lower Hutt - for always being kind to others, helpful and friendly!! Well Done!!

Lebron from KD Stokes Valley - For having good manners and a great sense of humour!! Well Done!!